What does mixed-reality church look like?

Truth be told, Portico Collective isn't all that different than the way Christian community has worked since the beginning. When we can, we gather in physical spaces. We eat, sing, study, and pray at common tables with the hope of becoming better at following the Jesus way. Following his way — which the church calls discipleship — helps us become the best version of ourselves.

Current technology allows us to also do this virtually. So, becoming your best self isn't limited by geography or time constraints. Everyone on the go — business travelers, parents, students — can still meet with their small group online. Participants who move can still be connected to their spiritual friends digitally. Portico Collective connects you with people who can be companions on your journey, and gives you ways to commit to God and each other no matter where you are. Here are some of the ways we do this:



Groups are at the heart of who we are as Portico Collective. We gather on the physical and virtual porches of the world to talk about faith and ask big questions. We celebrate when there is joy, grieve when there is heartbreak, and hold one another in prayer. 



Spiritual habits are a critical part of the Jesus way. Everybody needs to spend a few moments in reflection on a regular basis. That's why we craft and deliver short devotions to inboxes around the world. If you are looking for practical and engaging words written by folk like you, add your e-mail address to the thousands who have made us a part of their daily routine.