It’s Time for Transformation

Portico Collective has always been about the porch. When I started it in 2014, I hoped it would primarily be a place for those outside the faith community to find their way back in. But, in light of all that just happened at the United Methodist Church’s 2019 General Conference, I and my leadership team believe it is time to rally for those who are finding themselves being pushed out.

If you are an LGBTQ person whom the UMC has tried to erase, someone who finds the new literalism and exclusivity of the denomination untenable, or someone who simply believes there should be an inclusive expression of methodism, we want to make space for you to help all of us figure out where the Spirit might be leading now.

We’re inviting committed clergy and laypeople to lament and reflect, then connect, converse and create. Sharing your information below will allow us to let you know about upcoming virtual gatherings and, when we can, build cohorts where you work and reside so you can connect in person.

This isn’t over. This is resurrection.

— Rev. Matthew W.H. Johnson

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